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The module measures the input values ​​using the ADC and places them in the registers IR1...IR8. Then the measured ADC values ​​are converted by the formula: X=(ADC*K)/N+B.
The result of the calculation is placed in the registers IR11...IR18. Coeff are stored in registers HR40...HR63. To calculate these coefficients of the formula for the equation of a straight line, it is necessary to use two points. Measurement points can be any. The slope of the line can be any: down, up, plus or minus. The value of the ADC and the input voltage can also be any one as a plus or a minus.

A calculator has been added to the modules to automatically calculate these coefficients. In registers HR70...HR74. The sequence of actions for the temperature sensor is as follows.
1) connect the sensor.
2) enter the channel number (1...8) to which the sensor is connected.
3) set on the sensor 25°C.
4) enter the temperature value and press the "Set ADC" button. The current ADC value for the first measurement will be recorded.
5) Increase the temperature on the sensor.
6) enter the second value and click "Calculate". The current ADC value for the second measurement is recorded.
Then the module will calculate the coefficients and rewrite these parameters in the coefficient registers of the specified channel number. After that, the registers IR11 ... IR18 will display the values ​​in the specified physical quantities.